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Hannah du Plessis

Hannah du Plessis, Expert Author and top sales leader for Avon, has always had a strong interest in sales and internet marketing. She created Attraction Marketing to help self-employed people, as well as small and medium sizHannah du Plessised business owners solve one of their biggest business problems: attract a steady stream of clients.

Hannah learned the hard way that chasing prospects and sales targets don’t work. While working as a sales representative, Hannah did what she was told and chased every prospect. She used cold calling as well as the traditional sales processes as expected and experienced nothing but failure and frustration.

Then Hannah learned about the science of positioning and everything changed. She learned the psychology behind sales; why people buy, how to take back her power, and how and why these principles apply not only in business but in all spheres of life. Hannah’s sales quadrupled as a result.

Hannah now helps others to approach their work and their lives from a position of power.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Hannah now resides in Auckland, New Zealand.


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Hannah Du Plessis, Platinum Author






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